ConvergeConf 2017

ConvergeConf is a conference which primarily focuses on offering exposure, and at the same time provides the right resources to help students hit the ground running while discovering new and exciting technologies.

  15th-16th December, 2017


About ConvergeConf

ConvergeConf 2017, a first of its kind conference on progressive technologies with eminent speakers enlighting you with the state of the art tech and helping you decide your path of transcendence. Join us from

15th - 16th December, Conference Days


Day Event




Anand Chitipothu

Co-founder, RoRo Data

Satwik Raj

Associate Project Manager, Microsoft

Pratap Vardhan

Head of Product Engineering, Gramener

Vinay Ranjan

Data Scientist, Gramener

Tummala Nageswara Rao

Managing Director, Third i


CEO, Edyst


Open Design, Mozilla

Likhitesh Srirangam


Krishna Kumar Thokala

Thought Works

Special Guest

J A Chowdary

Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister - Govt. of AP.

The prime focus of J.A. Chowdary, IT Advisor to the Government of Andhra Pradesh, is to mobilise investments, create IT ecosystem, and provide more jobs. Mr. Chowdary says that the IT industry in India and in the U.S. will be roped in to kick-start IT initiatives in Amaravati, the proposed capital of Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Chowdary will also serve as ex-officio Secretary to the Government in the Chief Minister’s Office. His role includes advising and assisting the government in bringing in investments, generating employment, and encouraging innovation and start-up activities. It’s the time for a foolproof strategy. The focus is to evaluate options on how to get the companies to Amaravati and create more opportunities to the youth of the State. So, creation of jobs, attracting investments, and securing funds for start-ups is my primary objective says Mr. Chowdary.