Anand Chitipothu

Co-founder, RoRo Data

Satwik Raj

Associate Project Manager, Microsoft

Pratap Vardhan

Head of Product Engineering, Gramener

Vinay Ranjan

Data Scientist, Gramener

Tummala Nageswara Rao

Managing Director, Third i


CEO, Edyst


Open Design, Mozilla

Likhitesh Srirangam


Krishna Kumar Thokala

Thought Works

Invitation to New Speakers

Today, technology is advancing rapidly and so is its implementation. Part of this advancement, is a new approach that has been gaining ground lately to help build awareness about the latest technologies; Conferences. This new gimmick is responsible for changing the lives of several students in the major cities and is helping harbor skills which to contribute back to the growth. But the conferences are flawed due to their failure in providing the same kind of opportunities to the students living in towns and other parts of rural areas.

ConvergeConf is here to change this and you can be a part of it as well. ConvergeConf is a conference which primarily focuses on offering exposure, and at the same time provides the right resources to help students hit the ground running while discovering new and exciting technologies. It is a single-track event that is being conducted from the 15th – 16th of December in Kakinada. The following tracks have been finalized by the Core Committee:

Become a Speaker

Tracks in Conference

Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning

Distributed Systems / Operating Systems


Programming Languages



Cloud Infrastructures